Our goal as TKF senior management team and all its employees;

at every level of production and service, to observe and improve the business safety and environmental safety rules in accordance with the expectations of our firm, its employees, and the public.

To reach our goal, we have identified such principles:

  • Implementing a Safety System that is supported by the senior management, performed by all the employees, that is periodically inspected, reviewed, and continuously improved.
  • To cover all the legal necessities required by law for Job Safety and Environmental Safety regulations, and also to cover all the regulations that are adopted by our customers and partners.
  • To prioritize Employee Safety by preventing from industrial accidents and injuries, and planning for emergencies to minimize the loss.
  • To avoid all possible long term and short term, personal and industrial injuries in the plant facility for all employees and visitors.
  • To minimize the risks and improve risk analysis,
  • To control the amount and effect of chemical wastes produced.
  • To keep environmental affects under control in order to prevent pollution.